OnTrac Frequently Asked Questions
Information on a property is incorrect. How do I get it corrected?
Please contact the Auditor's office at 740-670-5036 and notify them of the error.
Why are there no results when I search by address?
For best results, do not enter suffixes such as Road, Rd, Ave, St. etc. or directional info, i.e., NE, SE, NW, SW or North, South, East or West, i.e., East Main, unless it is part of the street name, i.e. North Bend
When I click on "Mapping" it asks me to install something, why?
LCIMS (Licking County Integrated Mapping System) uses the Adobe SVG Viewer. This is required to view maps on the LCIMS. To read more about the control visit http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/.
Is there a charge to pay my taxes online with a Credit Card?
Yes. A 3% third party vendor fee will apply.

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